weebly.com redirected you too many times

  • This page isn’t working www.weebly.com redirected you too many times.
    Try clearing your cookies.

    Clearing cookies does not work. Website loads fine in Safari and Firefox on my Macbook Pro running High Sierra. Since my business is creating weebly websites, i can not continue to use Vivaldi as my default web browser. Please fix as i do like Vivaldi but at present it is unusable for me

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    I can not find any report at Vivaldi bugtracker for such Weebly issues.

    Do you block Third Party Cookies?

  • Hello Gwen-Dragon. No, Vivaldi is not currently set to block Third Party Cookies. I have discovered however that i can open Weebly login and the builder if i open it in a 'Private" window in Vivaldi. Does that help find a solution?

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    If it works in Private Window you may have extensions causing the issue.

    Clear all cookies (Ctrl+Shift+Del)
    In regular window open Extension Manager page,
    disable all
    enable one
    retry login
    enable next
    retry login
    until login fails
    Then you found the bad extension.


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