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  • The current tree-structure for bookmarks simply doesn't cut it for me. I love the idea of adding tags to bookmarks (from firefox). Take this article as an example. It contains thoughts on both rust and go. Usually this would go in either "dev > lang > rust" or "dev > lang > go", either one being bad as it should go in both. However, tagging it with both "go" and "rust" solves this problem. Please add support for tags, don't screw bookmarks up as Chrome is currently doing.

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    Just add tags in the description box and when you search it will show all of them.

  • I'd like to see a more fundamental enhancement on bookmarks. What I envision is

    • Visit a webpage and if you need to save it, just click on the "bookmark" button.
    • Next time, put some key words into the search box, and the top hits would be from your bookmarked webpages, listed above the usual Google-search results.
      This idea is: If the searching of bookmarks were as powerful as Google, you wouldn't have to assign keywords to your bookmarks (although keywords would increase the precision of the searching). You wouldn't even have to organize your bookmarks.

    I think this would be the best approach for many people. I find myself using Google search in place of bookmarks, even when the page I want is somewhere in my bookmarks. The problem is that I have too many bookmarks and I'm too lazy to add keywords to them. I do organize them in a tree structure, but as the OP of this thread describes, a tree-structure isn't good enough to organize bookmarks.

    I think that what I want would be achieved if Google stores each user's "bookmarks" and offers an extension (plugin) to Chrome and Vivaldi that sends the webpage information to Google when the user clicks on the "Google Bookmarks" icon on the browser

    . . . It's just occurred to me that Google, being Google, must already have this feature . . . Sure enough, "Google Bookmarks" does exist! It offers a bookmarklet that serves as the bookmark button . . . I don't know how good it is, but I'll give it a try.



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    Google search is "good" because it can read the pages contents, cross-connect searches of most people and cross-connect info they know about you. If bookmark search would do like what you envision the pages would have to be saved in your computer so that the browser can read them to output a better search.

  • @An_dz:

    Google search is "good" because it can read the pages contents, cross-connect searches of most people and cross-connect info they know about you. If bookmark search would do like what you envision the pages would have to be saved in your computer so that the browser can read them to output a better search.

    Or, an index would be generated when the bookmark is created. It would be somewhat like Mac's Spotlight, I guess. Whether the entire contents or only index terms are saved, a downside is that the stored information potentially becomes out of date if the original webpage potentially evolves in time. But, that's a nature of any type of bookmarks . . . .



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    Vivaldi could also auto-copy the description and keywords meta tags from the page HTML to the bookmark's description. May not be very useful for pages that abuse those meta tags but for most pages worth bookmarking it may work.

    Maybe even with a custom keyboard shortcut:
    Ctrl+D => New bookmark without description
    Ctrl+Shift+D => New bookmark using page description

  • Just getting started here, loving Vivaldi so far.
    As far as bookmark tags go, it would be a HUGE help if the bookmark importer brought over the tags already present in the Firefox bookmark export file. They're defined with their own data field and should be easy to do a straight mapping over to the Vivaldi tag field.

  • There is a problem with the current implementation of description-as-tags (using the description text block as a substitute for tags).

    For users like me, who keep literally thousands of bookmarks, it is crucial to maintain a strict bookmark tagging system. This means using standardized tags (spelling, format, etc.).

    In other browsers, once tags are set, they are available as a list (and via autocomplete when typing new tags) so if I forget the exact phrasing of an existing tag, it's easy to find and apply to a new bookmark.

    But in the current version of Vivaldi (with no support for bookmark tags), the user must type text into a Description box. There is no autocomplete and no list of previously used terms, so it's up to the user to (a) remember all tags, (b) spell them consistently - no typos, and © remember them again for future searches. If you're a user into keeping everything orderly, this is a complete recipe for disaster.

    Other browsers further help the user through saved searches, which function as "smart folders" so, once again, the user doesn't have to remember all the terms used as tags. The user can browse their tag structure just like they can browse folder structure, to help find things in hierarchy they may have forgotten.

  • @An_dz:

    Just add tags in the description box and when you search it will show all of them.

    Unfortunately this doesn't work the way a true tag system (e.g. Firefox) does.

    Just a quick example: Let's say I bookmarked a site dedicated to c++ programming for windows api.
    In Firefox I'd add 4 tags: c++, code, windows, api.

    Then, if I type + (a search in bookmarks shortcut) and then any ONE of these (let's say c++), this bookmark will come up along with others tagged c++.

    OK, this can be emulated in Vivaldi as of now.

    But I may have hundreds of c++ tags, so I'd like to narrow the search down by adding e.g. windows and api tags (even partial matches like "wi" and "ap" will do!). In Firefox, this gives me all bookmarks that have every tag I entered, but in Vivaldi, this will just return nothing.

  • This is what bugs me too about the bookmarking system in Vivaldi. I simply cannot efficiently find my bookmarks, if I have to enter exactly a substring of the description. Who remembers the exact wording of a description?! If there is one word different, you'll simply not see that bookmark, instead of seeing it, because you typed a word, which is the tag of the bookmark.

    afaik it cannot be done in Vivaldi so far. I have to rely on addons like one-tab to compensate for it, putting tags I will soon need again into that, instead of bookmarking and forgetting until needed.

  • Firefox bookmark manager is its killer feature. Missing it on Vivaldi

  • (Sorry to my bad English, I am Chinese from Hong Kong, but I am really need to register a new account and tell below to Vivaldi team.)
    I agree add the Tag as well! The only reason i don't turn to vivaldi and still using Firefox. I am delicious bookmark user since 2005 and heavy use on bookmark, i have about 3K+ bookmark and become my own knowledge base & library.

    For bookmark system, Chrome is fail, Chrome doesn't have tag also and Google doesn't improve since very first release, as well as the new bookmark extension from Google, horrible speed, and material design. (Google think material design can apply to all UI? definitely he is wrong.)

    The only winner is Firefox, Title,description,tag, keyword, last visit, add date etc. Very detail on it. Vivaldi having a unique feature is refresh the thumbnail, which I love it and I sure it is exciting for Delicious,Pocket,Pinboard user as well. Just one things, the Tag. Tag is very different concept to folder.

    Let say I have many bookmark about Javascript, but some is about [Framework], [plugin], [Datetime], [Maths], it very inefficient if I classified as Folder and the sub-folder tree will huge. Vivaldi is going on right way now, bring back the feeling of Opera, not just being Chrome Clone. So I hope I can uninstall the Firefox, Chrome and stay with Vivaldi.

  • It would be really nice to hear an official statement whether implementing proposed full-blown tag system for bookmarks is at least considered by the team and might arrive sometime, or if hopes for that are futile (and we better stick to our current browsers for the lack of a better alternative)?

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    @veewii: Bookmarks have miles of improvement ahead of them yet. Tags are one thing that (at least eventually) will be addressed.

  • @Ayespy Thank you, that's really good news 🙂

  • @Ayespy
    It is really good news, I believe many firefox user will turn to vivaldi very soon!
    Firefox 57 will drop classic extension model and goes web extension, Many (really! MANY) firefox user is looking for alternate browser, but Doesn't consider Chrome because it doesn't able to customize and the UI is just look old and not much improve from version 1 to version 58.

  • I've switched from Firefox recently and bookmark with tagging seems yet to be implemented, or is it hidden somewhere?
    This would be a very important and necessary feature to implement.

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    @luism Tags are missing yet.


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