I keep waiting for these…

  • I have been waiting for a few features to pop in for vivaldi as the replacement for the opera 12 series. Things I need from a browser like this would be the full ability to customize what the buttons do...being able to make buttons do things like deselect all & Focus previous widget & Click Button & switch to next page would make a huge difference. The links function that is basic without add ons in opera. Also the ability to add links as split screen options would be wonderful.

  • No reply to these?

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    The browser is still substantially incomplete. There is no private browsing, no email, no real extension support, even the context menus are incomplete.

    We are all waiting for more customizable UI, buttons, etc. and these are sure to trickle in over time.

    There has been nearly zero demand for a links function (I've seen it mentioned three times in six months out of tens of thousands of comments), so it's hard to say if the developers have this on their to-do list merely because Opera 12 had it, or if it will come late (if ever) since literally dozens of other options are being demanded urgently and by large segments of the community, which may make links a fairly low priority.


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