The Notes Function: Using Folders

  • It's nice that you can create folders in the Notes function, but I'm not sure what good it is right now. I have an area with 4 or 5 separate notes on the same subject heading, so I created a folder, but no way to drag the items to the folder. In fact, If I right click on something I highlighted on a web page, I can save it as a note, but can't put it in the folder I just created. I'm assuming the idea is to show us what will be in the future, that the Notes function is still a work in progress. It does seem to need this Notes function developed more. Unless :whistle: I'm doing something wrong.

  • Will be following this thread. I need that too!

    I suppose the drag and drop was not developed yet.
    Right clicking and selecting destination could be nice as well.

  • Don't know if you've figured it out as I'm new to Vivaldi but what I did (after creating/naming a folder) was to select it then use the + sign up top to create a new note. The note gets created in the selected folder. Would be easier to either drag and drop or drag one note onto another to create a folder but at least this works.

  • Yes! Of course!!!

    Thanks my friend :lol:


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