Vivaldi Crashes Importing Opera Bookmarks

  • Tried to make the switch today from Opera 12.17 to Vivaldi, but couldn't even get out the door! Vivaldi will crash after attempting to import either the .adr file or the html file containing Opera's bookmarks. CPU usage is pegged for a few minutes as Vivaldi's RAM usage climbs above 3.4GB, then it crashes. It's only a 4MB bookmarks file, cmon guys! 😛 Using the snapchat build.Submitted a bug report. Still looking forward to being able to switch to Vivaldi, hopefully with the Win 10 release. 🙂

  • To import Opera 12.xx bookmarks, open the File drop down menu. Then go to Import and click. Then chose Opera (not Opera 15+) and chose which set of data you want to bring into Vivaldi. In bookmarks, it can take a brief bit of time, but it will convert to Vivaldi bookmarks.

    At this time, Vivaldi doesn't have the sort capabilities that we got used to with Opera 12.xx, so I wound up using Speed Dial as my ersatz Bookmark folder. That way I can set up my folders, rename them and sort them to my personal use.

  • Thanks for the reply!

    The problem isn't functionality, it's that it crashes Vivaldi on every attempt. I have no idea if it's a 32bit limitation because the program is nearing 4GB of RAM before it blows up, or if it just can't handle an old, large bookmark database. But I don't think a 4MB file should be blowing up into 4GB to start with. 😉

    I first tried a direct import of Opera's settings including bookmarks, that crashed. I then used Opera to export an adr file, but Vivaldi crashed with just that. I then had Opera export them into a HTML file, but that also crashed. Vivaldi lasts a little over a minute before the windows program crash dialog pops up.

    Went ahead and edited the title to be more clear

  • also crashes during importing. Every time it imports exactly 401 bookmarks, before it implodes. :huh:

  • (64bit)

    Im getting a crash if I try the import data method from the File Menu, and the same if I go through the Import on the Bookmarks page. (speed dial)

    Can anyone confirm that this is a known problem ?

  • @ja1972: (64bit)

    Im getting a crash if I try the import data method from the File Menu, and the same if I go through the Import on the Bookmarks page. (speed dial)

    Can anyone confirm that this is a known problem ?

    Same here 😞 If I can import my Chrome bookmarks somehow (either via sync or using File -> Import) then Vivaldi can be my default browser, finally. But I get a crash everytime I click Import in the File menu 😞

    Edit: I worked aroud it by copying the Bookmarks file from my Chromium profile folder to the Vivaldi profile folder.

  • It crashes on Linux as well. It crashes right away when I click on import in the menu.. before I even get asked what to import. SegFault

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    The Linux crasher is a known bug VB-VB-5692.

    Under Windows sometimes the import does not stop. But i did not get any crashes, in this case Vivaldi would show a popup it had crashed.
    This occurs on Mac and Windows with large file of bookmarks, may be VB-7462

  • Version will maintain <300MB RAM usage which is an improvement, but pegs two cores at max for ~3 minutes before still crashing when attempting to import Opera 12x bookmarks under Windows. It is a large database of bookmarks.

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    Currently import of large bookmark files from Opera 12 is not fixed.

  • Vivaldi Team

    I'm not aware of this crasher. Gwen, if you have a bug number, I'll take a look.

  • I filed a bug report way back with TP1. Didn't have a bug number so I filed another just now. will still crash when importing Opera bookmarks. Every time exactly 401 bookmarks are imported with it crashing 4 minutes later. Doesn't matter if the bookmarks are adr or html formats.

    1. There are also snapshot releases on the devs' blog, and TP4 is now a few versions behind. Try downloading the latest snapshot ( from the devs' blog.

    2. There's been a similar problem for a few people where clicking the import button anywhere in Vivaldi causes it to crash. A workaround was posted in this thread. Maybe see if that helps.

  • Edited:

    So Vivaldi 1.0.249 is able to import the bookmarks without problem. I misunderstood the "403" counter next to the folder to include subfolders but apparently it does not do so.

    The bookmark manager is a complete mess, folders are not organized by spelling and are not even grouped together. There is literally no organization to the folders / bookmarks and does not seem to be any way to sort them as there is with Opera.

    Opera's bookmark manager shows folders in a tree on the left, and bookmarks in the selected folder on the right similar to Windows Explorer. I'd very much like to see that return in Vivaldi.


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