Shortcut keys with numbers don't work in combination with the numpad

  • I want to use the shortcut keys Next Tab (Ctrl-1) and Previous Tab (Ctrl+2). Unfortunately nothing happened when using Ctrl-1/2 on the numpad. If I use Ctrl-1/2 on the normal keyboard I get the next/previous tab. Normally I'm lefthand mouse, righthand numblock user. Any suggestions for a solution, or I have to wait for the next Vivaldi version(s)? Windows 7 Pro . Vivaldi

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    I just tested here and I found the problem, Vivaldi thinks those are letter keys when Ctrl is pressed. Vivaldi understands Ctrl+1 as Ctrl+A eand Ctrl+2 as Ctrl+B.

    I'm filling a bug report now.

  • Thank you very much.

    I changed the definition in the setting screen and now the shortcut keys working fine!

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