Lost My Navigation Buttons (Snapshot)

  • I am running the most current version of Snapshot (2.2.1388.21 at time of post).

    Approximately 3 updates ago (within the past week or so), suddenly all of my navigation buttons disappeared (back/forward/home/refresh).

    I went into settings for (I believe it was) "Address Bar" and there was a button in there to restore navigation button defaults. Which I hit, and it restored them. But I also use Vivaldi Sync with this browser and after I restored them, I guess my browser synced with another running on a separate PC which had also lost it's buttons and then synced back to the one I was on and now synced on all my Snapshots that I use on 4 different PC's.

    In addition to that, the button to restore the nav button defaults has also disappeared ... everything else appears to be working perfectly fine and I am able to navigate sites using keyboard shortcuts and right click menu.


    Any ideas? or any way to manually reset nav bar without the button?

  • Nevermind! I am an idiot and the reset navigation buttons is in the "Appearance" section, not the Address Toolbar". My mistake

  • COIK = Clear Only If Known

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Same thing happened to me when I updated to the latest snapshot (1388.21) from a previous version (the version before the non-auto-update version where this bug was introduced). According to the changelog of 1387.4 this bug should have been fixed:

    [Regression] All navigation buttons on the address toolbar might be lost after upgrade (VB-46857)

  • If anyone else ever suffers this same issue, location of Reset Nav button below:



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