More Quick Commands, keyboard shortcuts and customization – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1386.4

  • Vivaldi Team

    You can now access closed tabs and access keys with Quick Commands (or mappable keyboard shortcuts) and the status bar becomes customizable.

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  • First! Finally 😃

  • That was quick 2nd 😉

  • @isak Do You maybe know if saving private window session is a bug or feature?
    Or can You ask somebody? 😛
    I'd like to be sure it won't disappear...

  • oooh, more customisation and commands bigsmile . The good stuff.

    Access keys looks cool, though I'm not really sure what they are (I have now read up on them). Would be nice to get support in this feature for other shortcuts, though I suppose it would be tricky to determine the names of things keys are attached to. E.g. Github has keyboard shortcuts, but not access keys.

    Lots of nice fixes. Particularly VB-43989, VB-46335, VB-35328, VB-46010. Good to see VB-46239 & VB-44506, looking forward to more tab stack commands soon!

    As for:

    [Capture] Allow capture selection to extend outside the Vivaldi window VB-46656

    I cant seem to do this, perhaps I'm mis-reading the direction this bug fix was going in.

  • Would some be so cool to show screenshot about the access keys feature?

  • @Nekomajin

    It shows all of the access keys defined on a page in a list:


  • Known Issue "All navigation buttons on the address toolbar might be lost after upgrade: Reset from settings to get them back"
    Hum, I'll better play safe and reset BEFORE updating, this should help 🙂
    See you in few minutes.

  • Moderator

    Help! How can i show access key list? I can not.
    OK, found it was english in QC popup.

  • OK, everything went fine, new setting reset buttons are in Appereance AND also in context menu in both address bar and status bar. Good thing, I can't wait for the items to be freely moved, for example the Show Panel Toggle in status bar, it should be possible to move it on the right if one has the panel on the right.

  • [Regression] Mouse and wheel gesture interaction problems VB-46335

    Seems like this is fixing the bug with Rclick+Wheel to change tab, now it doesn't pop up the context menu when releasing the mouse button; so far, so good.

  • [UI] Blank page before a website loads now follows the theme background color VB-46504

    this is big, I had to use a custom mod for this, now it uses my dark theme color instead of white page!

  • @LonM said:

    [Capture] Allow capture selection to extend outside the Vivaldi window VB-46656

    I cant seem to do this, perhaps I'm mis-reading the direction this bug fix was going in.

    same to me 🤔

  • Moderator

    @lonm: I guess you misunderstand the issue as the wording is a bit off. Before it would keep the area as is as soon as you dragged outside the window. Now it updates the area correctly when the mouse is moved outside the window (but the area itself is still limited to the Vivaldi window).

  • @Christoph142 ah, that makes more sense. thumbsup

  • @LonM
    Awesome! Thanks!

  • The new status bar customisation makes it possible to hide the status message. However the context menu when you click anywhere on the middle of the status bar always appears right at the left. Is that a known issue?

    Also, when there is no text in the status bar message area, it's not obvious what it is you're attempting to "customise". Maybe it would be nice if it looked sort of like this:

    Customise > [Status Bar Text]
              | Remove from toolbar
              | ------------
              | Reset to default

  • @iAN-CooG It's vastly improved this build, however I'm still noticing some off areas.

    E.g. If I am on a PDF and I RMB+Scroll back a tab, it stops working and I can't scroll any further back.

    I'm also seem occasional (though far less frequent than previously) tab switches a few seconds after I stop performing RMB+Scroll.

  • Moderator

    The update broke my mod to move the Panel Button:

    .paneltogglefooter {order: 1;}

  • Access keys dialog doesn't completely match theme (buttons are light in dark theme):
    Light buttons in access keys dialog


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