Vivaldi popup adware?

  • Recently I have been getting popup windows on the lower right corner of various pages - even on the start page - they all go to digitaltrends page. I spent hours trying to find out what was causing these unwanted popup windows and how to stop them. I've scanned for adware with three different apps, checked all my settings and the few extensions I have added to Vivaldi, but can't find any reason for them. Then I searched digitaltrends page for Vivaldi and what do you know? They are one of the major websites promoting Vivaldi. Are we seeing Vivaldi payback here? Was this built into Vivaldi 2.1.1337.51 (Stable channel) (64-bit)? How do I turn it off? What happened to Vivaldi privacy? I logged off my Vivaldi sync setting and deleted all my online data - but the ads still pop up now and then (very irregular).
    Here is the link from one of the pages: [edited]
    Anybody have any ideas on what this is all about?

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    @RichardHC Adware on your machine, I suppose. Vivaldi does not do this. Not ever.

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    Scan your system, with free malware scanner from Malwarebytes

  • @Gwen-Dragon Already did that - I have Malwarebytes Premium - always updated. MalwareBytes has dealt with a similar issue with Vivaldi before. But in that user's case the popup window was blocked by Malwarebytes because the site that appeared was blacklisted.
    They had a devil of a time trying to fix it. They finally came up with a solution but it was just for that user - not available to other users. See the post on the malwarebytes forum by searching for "Persistant adware creating pop-ups on Vivaldi web browser"
    In my case the site that comes up is not blocked as malware. It is digitaltrends. The link I included in my post - that was deleted - shows it is associated with a Google Analytics Campaign.
    I'm working with Malwarebytes to fix the problem but STRONGLY suspect this came from someone in Vivaldi itself - especially since it started after the latest update, is for an important site that consistently promotes Vivaldi, and only appears at random intervals (this morning the digitaltrends popup window appeared when I first started Vivaldi opened to a start page. I banned digitaltrends page from notices in the Vivaldi settings but that didn't stop the popup.

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    @RichardHC said in Vivaldi popup adware?:

    but STRONGLY suspect this came from someone in Vivaldi itself

    Your conspiracy theory is entirely unfounded. Don't do that. No one in Vivaldi did any such thing. It's a small group, everyone knows each other like family, they are a totally ethical bunch, and selling access to something as ugly as a pop-up ad is completely against the Vivaldi ethos. It didn't happen. If you knew these folks like I do, such an idea could never cross your mind.

  • @RichardHC FWIW, the Malwarebytes forum ( ) has a July 2018 thread similar to yours started by an iMac user running Safari:
    "Is the Digital Trends notification I keep getting evidence of malware etc? Malwarebytes is telling me my iMac is all clear yet Safari is hanging and I keep getting the notification."
    The response included the following:
    "It's probably not being caused by anything on your iMac, but something on the web site you are visiting is giving you the notification."

  • @RichardHC

    STRONGLY suspect this came from someone in Vivaldi itself

    This is nothing better than "I have a feeling so this must be true" did it ever came to your mind that it is a bit strange that you are the only one on this forum with that problem?
    Yes there are a ton of other people that upgraded to that version and nobody else has this problem.
    So of course there still is that tinfoil hat solution (I probably shouldn't tell you that) that somebody at Vivaldi has a personal grudge against you so he just infected that single one version you downloaded - just to drive you insane....
    Or - but I think we can rule that out as it is unlikely - you visited a site that offered you unknowingly bad code via an ad that just infected your computer.

    (I am sorry at least to that degree that I know that I got carried away by this, but stuff like this makes me mad)

  • Think this is one of those ISP-provided ads? Some low cost ISPs insert their own ads into web pages - that's why their prices are so low. A Canadian friend of mine was seeing them on, and I read an article indicating some Indian ISPs were doing the same thing.

  • I finally stopped the popup adds from digital trends by right clicking on the popup and selecting the option to stop the digitaltrends notifications. No more popups - although still no idea on how it got started in the first place.

  • @Blackbird So why was it appearing on the start page and not a website I was visiting?

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    @RichardHC Had you ever visited the Digitaltrends website - and if so, is it possible you permitted notifications while there? If so, Digitaltrends pushes a notification in any browser where it has been enabled.



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