Disable slide to show thumbnail of tab

  • I keep accidentally pulling down my tabs to show a thumbnail image (the tabs are in the top position)

    I don't want to disable previews on hover or when the tabs are moved to the right side, I just want to disable this slide to show thumbnail thing.

    any idea how to do this from the settings or flags?

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    @dalinar Under setting, use the search box to look for "thumbnail"

    Then you can just turn off the tab display features that use thumbnails as you prefer.

    I don't think there's a way to disable the dragging without also disabling thumbnails.

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    @dalinar said in Disable slide to show thumbnail of tab:

    I don't want to disable previews on hover or when the tabs are moved to the right side

    I'm sorry, but you'll have to pick one, for now.

    In Settings > Tabs > Tab Display uncheck Show Tab Thumbnails when the tabs are on the top, to disable the option to drag the address bar. With tabs on the side, you'll have to re-enable that option in order to see the thumbnails.

    If you switch between the two settings (tabs on top/on a side) often, it might be cumbersome, although the settings for both options (tabs position and tab thumbnails) are on the same page, so it's just one additional click...

  • @dalinar One can set a shortcut for "Tab Thumbnail" (sic) in Settings, Keyboard, Tab.

    This will show the Tab Thumbnails if they are disabled or hidden, and hide them if they are shown, but it won't disable them if they are enabled.

    I submitted a bug report for this:

    (VB-46689) Shortcut for Show Tab Thumbnail Should be a Toggle

    The command should, I think, be renamed to Show Tab Thumbnails from Tab Thumbnail


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