Password manager extensions?

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    Are any of the password manager extensions worth using? And your thoughts.
    I don't use one. All my passwords are over twenty characters long and include letters, numbers and symbols.
    But one can never be completely secure.

    FYI, I did use the search function. The other similar threads were years old.

  • in the beginning I used keepass with the ChromeIPass plugin. But after a while I disabled it and now I use only the integrated autotype feature (it worked well together with the program but I want to minimize my extension quantity)

  • I have been using lastpass for what seems like ages. I have had no issues with either the service or the extension, and it is available for mobile for free as well

  • I recommend bitwarden. It's free and locally sourced open source, and so far has been everything I've ever needed.

  • Hi

    I use stickypassword wich is installed both on chrome vivaldi chromium IE FF Opera and my phone.

    Hundreds of passwords live a happy life with it

    I just cant make this extension work in Vivaldi for 3 weeks.
    ( i reinstalled Vivaldi, chrome, stickypassword, but can't have it back running on Vivaldi ...
    If anyone has info on this ...
    I ping Stickypassword support yesterday ... I hope I'll have fresh info in the next days)

    Have a nice W.E. !

  • @xtoy I've been using Sticky Passwords, too but after the May version all the updates have failed to work in Vivaldi so I'm hunting for something else. Tried Keepass but too geeky for me.

  • @_emmyemi Bitwarden requires a cloud hosted database - not for me. Sticky Password lets me keep my database on my desktop and sync with wifi or database file transfer by usb. BUT since the May version StickyPassword isn't working for autofilling on Vivaldi. So I'm looking for something else.

  • I tried several more password managers and RoboForm v8 works OK. Not a bad option but when it imports from other password managers it only imports web logins, not other categories. It is not as polished a user interface as Sticky Passwords but it works.

    To use it without it uploading all my passwords to it's cloud host I first set up an account online, installed the browser extension from the chrome store, then turned off the sync option in settings, imported my passwords, and deleted the online account. It still works but there is a popup message saying I need to create an online account every time I unlock it. I just click the X button to close the notice and all works normally.


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