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  • Hi pls add InCognito/Private Session and ability to add icons of add-ons on the bottom panel also I can't bring back the Tray Icon of browser 😞

  • Vivaldi Team

    incognito mode is under construction still, and I believe official support for addons in the panel is as well, but hopefully, it should be ready in not too long.

  • Dear Aronand,

    will incognito mode be similar to Chrome incognito mode?
    What about cache management in settings?

  • Vivaldi Team

    I can't say for sure, I haven't gotten the chance to look at it myself. Nor do I have much information on the matter, but I would presume it would be somewhat alike chrome's incognito mode, but that is what I believe, and might not be true, I guess we will just have to wait 🙂 (or hope someone with the info can drop a comment)

  • Hi thx for help and unfortuntelly I dont have access to some add-ons like zenmate/hola vpns or uBlock/uMatrix 😞

    Also do know how to recover the Tray Icon(beside clock)???

    Greets for all 🙂

  • nice information
    thanks all

  • it's good to tell that Chrome does not support "private tab" (or incognito if you want but private fits better to me). Vivaldi will support private tabs. (beside private windows)

    wait and see guys, wait and see 🙂 P*rn is coming to Vivaldi soon! 😎

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