Site-specific browser

  • Peppermint Linux opened my eyes to these things and it would be great if Vivaldi could integrate something like it. Maybe right-click a page -> "Make SSB"

  • @benjephunneh Click the badge in the URL field to set site-specific settings. Does do what you need?

    0_1538176405816_Site Settings.png

  • I believe site-specific settings are unrelated. I've not found in the settings any option to create a SSB.

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    Site-specific browser

    This term is not very known to others.
    Please explain your need.

  • I'll explain, but I didn't explain for a couple reasons:

    1. I'm sure I couldn't explain as well as others (there is a Wikipedia entry for SSBs, for example)
    2. I find self-discovery to be more fruitful

    So, a SSB is a browser window that is dedicated to a single page. For example, if you watch Netflix, you could create a SSB for that page, put a shortcut on your desktop for it, and open it just as you would a normal computer program. It's as if you've installed a Netflix program, but it's really just a dedicated browser window, hence the name "site-specific."

    As another example, say you use for e-mail. No need to install an e-mail program such as Office, Evolution, etc. Create a SSB. It would be just another Vivaldi window, technically, but it's dedicated, just like a Web Panel.

    I hope that helped.

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    Starting as a app only does not work i current Chromium 69 and Vivaldi, too.
    I do not know if Chromium devs removed the usage of browser apps.


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