Speed dial with speed dial

  • The only reason I haven't set Vivaldi as my default browser (still using Opera 12) is because the dialing function of the speed dial isn't available, and the shift + dpad prioritizes links inefficiently. I need to access multiple sights and log in quickly dozens of times everyday which is a cinch with Opera 12 because I can press ctrl +t, ctrl + corresponding speed dial, shift + dpad to the login link, ctrl + enter to login. Without the dialing function (ctrl + corresponding speed dial number), and with the shift + dpad and tab navigation going to literally all the links I don't need, I can't afford to switch to Vivaldi. Currently, ctrl + 1 is defaulted to tab navigation, but I don't need it to do that because ctrl + tab works just fine. Though, having the option to navigate through all my tabs by holding ctrl after pressing ctrl + tab would be a nice addition that's available in Opera 12. I would post an example, but the sights I'm referring to are specific to my job and require log ons.


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