Channel 4 4oD streaming video on Ubuntu

  • Hi,

    I'd like to get Channel4's content working in Vivaldi on Linux, for instance this page:
    (but I can't get it working on any browser)

    At the moment it goes so far but then causes a 404 error. This seemed an odd thing to fail on so I contacted Channel 4 and this is their reply:

    We endeavour to provide the optimal experience of our products across as wide a range of operating systems, browsers and screen resolutions as possible. By necessity, however, full development and testing support is concentrated on those that enjoy the highest levels of usage amongst our users. Linux usage levels are very low and so as an OS does not meet our criteria for full support.

    We aim to provide a basic on demand experience across as many operating systems, browsers and screen resolutions as possible, including Linux; however, we are aware that some users running Linux OS are unable to watch on demand content on All 4. Channel 4 content is protected by Adobe DRM with HDCP/Output Protection therefore Linux users will need to use Chrome and have HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) installed.

    Here are some useful links which outline how to install of HAL:

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Is this still correct? The webpage they suggest checking is now almost 4 years old (and I had the impression they have been "copy and pasting" the same email reply for years) but I couldn't get HAL to install on my 17.04 Ubuntu OS.

    Why would a DRM problem cause a 404 error?

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    The link opens and requests Flash player, which I don't use it.

    @mwilco said in Channel 4 4oD streaming video on Ubuntu:

    Why would a DRM problem cause a 404 error?

    404 error means Page Not Found
    As for DRM, check the demos on the test below:

  • Hi,

    thanks for the reply.

    If you have flash enable, it eventually tries to download an mp4 file - that is what 404s .

    As you say, the 404 is a not found - so flash is requesting a file that doesn't exist, it does not seem to have much to do with DRM. It's just the wrong file being requested !)

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    @mwilco You are welcome.
    The solution to handle *.MP4 file is quite easy, there is guide to enable Vivaldi to play HTML5 (it will replace flash in a short time) and MP4.
    Make sure Vivaldi are unable to play the 1st video on the test below.

    If the test fails, you can easily fix the issue by reading this guide

    A feedback will be most welcome.

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