WebRTC Leaks?

  • When connected to a VPN and I access [url=http://ipleak.net]ipleak.net[/url] or [url=http://whoer.net]whoer.net[/url] etc. they show that Vivaldi is leaking WebRTC requests. The true IP address is being revealed. In Firefox, setting [b]media.peerconnection.enabled[/b] to [b]false[/b] in [b]about:config[/b] prevents this from happening. Is there currently anything in Vivaldi that can be disabled[b][/b] to prevent WebRTC leaks from occurring?

  • Way over my head here, but per Wikipedia, it looks like it's an issue in several browsers.

    This torrentfreak.com article indicates the WebRTC block and ScriptSafe extensions are reported to work for Chrome.

    As Vivaldi is chromium-based, you might give those a try.

    Extensions are not fully supported yet in Vivaldi, especially those that need a button on the Tool Bar for controls, but many extensions will work and can be managed from vivaldi://chrome/extensions. If you don't see the "Add to Chrome" button for any extensions in the Chrome Web Store, visit the store from the icon in the lower right corner of the vivaldi://apps page, and after that the button should be visible regardless of your path to the store in future visits.

    Please report back and let us know whether either one works in Vivaldi, and whether either one appears to block the WebRTC leaks. I hope one of them does. 😉

    BTW, if you're using Technical Preview 2 (v. as most new users are, try updating to the most recent Developer snapshot before trying the extensions.

  • According to multiple web sources WebRTC Block is not working so I installed ScriptSafe. So far this seems to have fixed the problem although I would feel safer if this was something that could simply be disabled from within Vivaldi.


    As it turns out ScriptSafe is not the best solution. Trusted sites need to be added to a whitelist and even though these sites have been whitelisted some sites work and others don't. A better solution is ScriptBlock (from compvid30). So far this extension has worked flawlessly in allowing trusted sites to load correctly and in preventing WebRTC requests from leaking the true IP address when running a VPN.

  • Hi, I registered to add that you are not secure with any of these script blocker addons. They only block the client-side Javascript part of sites which display the positive WebRTC results back to you - your real IP address still gets leaked, you just don't get to see it.

    I'm running the latest build of Vivaldi on Windows over OpenVPN, and none of the Chrome addons provide any safety.

    Some test sites:

    It would be great if this safety issue could be fixed in the Vivaldi source, since apparently addons can't reach that deep into the system. And unlike Firefox there's not a simple about:config (media.peerconnection.enabled) to disable WebRTC.

  • I hope a option for disabling this will get added soon so i can start using vivaldi as my main browser.

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    Yes, it may be disabled by a option.
    But currently it is not implemented in Chromium.


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