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  • What I really like in Chromium is that it can run Chrome apps. I'm currently using new Opera but also have Chromium installed so I can use i.e. Wunderlist or Sunrise Calendar. I don't know whether it is possibble or not, but it would be a great feature and a magnet for other browsers' users if Vivaldi could run Chrome apps 😉

  • Your first post, so welcome! 🙂

    Chrome extensions are not fully supported yet (e.g., those that require buttons on the toolbar won't be able to display the button yet), but many of them will already work.

    Start with vivaldi://apps (copy and paste into address bar – also, I found that clicking on the Web Store icon in the lower right corner of that page will properly navigate to the Web Store so you have the Add to Chrome button when you view different extensions… ...if you click on the icon in the middle of the page the first time you visit, you may not see the Add to Chrome button… ...after you use the lower right button once, you can navigate to the Web Store any way you want and will see the Add to Chrome button.)

    After installing, you can manage extensions at vivaldi://chrome/extensions (again, only some extensions will even work right now and it's mostly trial-and-error to find out if your favorites will work)

  • Wow!
    This is the feature I didn't expect to be present even in the final release! You really surprised me with your reply! (:
    I've just became a Vivaldi user 😉

  • And is there any way to run it from terminal?
    I'm using Linux, but this should be common for all platforms.

    With Chrome to execute something you type

    google-chrome --app-id=mjcnijlhddpbdemagnpefmlkjdagkogk
    ```but this doesn't apply to Vivaldi. Both of them have app's id in additional parameter: _StartupWMClass_
    Am I missing something and it is possible with Vivaldi, or should it be a feature request?

  • @klausweiss_:

    And is there any way to run it from terminal?
    I'm using Linux, but this should be common for all platforms.

    Now you're out of my wheelhouse, but might get a little more interest/response in the Vivaldi for Linux forum.

    But FWIW, my understanding is that many/most/all (?) of the switches in this List of Chromium Command Line Switches « Peter Beverloo can be used with Vivaldi.

    It may also be relevant that several Vivaldi URLs (vivaldi://vivaldi-urls) don't seem to follow the exact same convention (e.g., vivaldi://chrome-urls forwards to vivaldi://vivaldi-urls, vivaldi://extensions forwards to vivaldi://chrome/extensions, and vivaldi://bookmarks forwards to chrome-extension://eemcgdkfndhakfknompkggombfjjjeno/main.html, which currently is non-functional, but has been in the past; see a few others here and here).

    So you might also have to experiment a bit with command line structure to see what works. (?)

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