[Resolved] Bank website cannot login, error 400 bad request

  • www.TDBank.com click on login button from home screen and get an error 400 page with the following text:
    "Bad Request
    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

    Alternate URL: https://onlinebanking.tdbank.com

    You don't need to be a customer to see this error, I'm just clicking on login button and it supposed to bring you to a page that lets you type a user name and password in.

    They recently performed a "site update" and ever since I have not been able to login. It worked fine on chrome and other browsers but not Vivaldi. I opened a support ticket with TD bank in February just after it happened and it took until now to get the answer back that they don't care and don't support browsers besides IE and FF and Chrome and of course they claim that it was a 'modern security update' and that if the browser doesnt work it's not up to date and secure enough. I've opened 3 different tickets and gone back and forth for months with their terrible support which takes weeks to respond and no matter what the issue actually is, they will NOT EVER fix it so in the end, I'm hoping Vivaldi can do something about it.

    Given how close Vivaldi is to Chrome I'm surprised it works in one and not the other.

    Please help

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    Both URL load fine for me? Does it work on a different browser?

  • Both URLs do not work in Vivaldi, but they work in Firefox and Chrome. I would prefer to use Vivaldi.

  • I hate having to say this, but I cleared the cookies only for both those URLs and now it works. uhg...

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    Glad you solved the issue, checking the log file there is a error message everytime those pages are loaded.

    [163:178:0525/204013.803996:ERROR:stunport.cc(71)] Binding error response: class=4 number=1 reason='Unauthorized'

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    @nryan115 can you add the tag "resolved" in the post?

  • @nryan115

    Thank you for posting this update. I have been using Vivaldi and Opera for years and I was quite annoyed with release 15 since some of my Javascript for my secure banking app stopped working, even though it still worked perfectly in Chrome browser.

    There was no way to log a fault with Vivaldi since it is a secure site which they cannot investigate.

    After you posted your success when clearing the cookies, I tried that and suddenly my banking site started working as well.

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    @okennejc said in [Resolved] Bank website cannot login, error 400 bad request:

    There was no way to log a fault with Vivaldi ......

    Vivaldi allows generate a log file, if it's that you mean:)

  • I had the same issue with my Chilean bank, www.bci.cl. Removing its cookies, thanks to this thread, solved the issue. ­čÖé

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