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  • Hi! I just installed And all my previous bookmarks are gone. Previous installs didnt trash things like this. The even opened up again with my windows intact, which is how I would have preferred it. Anyone who knows where to find the old bookmark and password files? I'm clearly not effective enough not to find anything in the forum since my searches seems futile. I'm tending to classify this as a bug, but hope there is an extraction method from the old files. Anyone who knows where they were stored in

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    Sounds like you must have a standalone install rather than a standard one. In such a case, renaming your profile folder to "user data" will restore everything.

  • Hi!
    Super! It is a standalone yes and copying the profile data into user data fixed my issues.
    I'm very grateful for yi\our help. :cheer:

  • It should be "your help".
    Way too thick fingers 😉

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    Complementing Ayespy: Just like how the blog post already notes this known bug.

  • @PoAr:

    I'm very grateful for yi\our help.


    It should be "your help".

    FYI: you can edit your original post 😉


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