Minimal scroll bar

  • I would like to see a minimal scroll bar like the one I have added using a chrome web store extension called Minimal Scrollbar 0.4.0. Also would be good to have smooth scroll enabled by default like the extension SmoothScroll 1.6.1 from the chrome web store.

    In addition to the functions these extensions have I would request that the scroll bar disappear once we are done scrolling the page via mouse or keyboard so more of the screen area is free to read the web page. It should be activated once the mouse moves to the right extreme or left extreme of the page so the page can be scrolled. ![0_1526365913063_minimal scroll bar.png](Uploading 83%)

  • @row Your image wasnt properly uploaded

  • @row Actually V do have similar GUI, an experiment feature call Overlay scrollbars but currently it's still very buggy.
    I hope they will fix it & make it official feature soon.

    You can try it by enable:

    Have fun!

  • I'm using minimal scrollbar in the latest released version 2.0 and while the scroll bar does reduce its size, it does not auto hide or disappear after the scroll function has done its job. I've checked and unchecked the auto hide function several times but it does not autohide.

    I tried the chrome extensions you suggested but its buggy and the scroll bar is too thick for my liking even though the auto hide works in it.

    Request you'll to provide options for the scrollbar soon.


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