KeePass Auto-Type

  • Hey, not sure if this is a bug in the usual sense and if I should fill a bug report for this (edit: Oh well, I just reported it). Something that doesn't work at all (at least for me) over several of the weekly snapshots is performing a KeePass Auto-Type to fill in login information on various websites. Seems to just send the password as keyboard commands, resulting in some funky behaviour with long, random passwords (zooming in/out, changing tabs, navigating forward/backward, all in rapid succession) Otherwise, it keeps getting better 🙂

  • I wouldn't call it a bug with Vivaldi, maybe one with KeePass. I know that there have been numerous issues with Vivaldi's hotkeys not working correctly for several versions and that may be / probably is a factor. But it still seems like something that should be reported to the dev(s) of KeePass, rather than the devs of Vivaldi.


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