WebGL error

  • Getting WebGL error on Facebook
    Error appears as a banner at the top and is 'Rats! WebGL hit a snag'
    Suggested fix is to disable the flag WebGL 2.0 but it doesn't exist
    Any ideas how to stop it?

  • @robgr said in WebGL error:

    WebGL 2.0 but it doesn't exist

    The only flag about webgl is
    chrome://flags/#enable-webgl-draft-extensions (which is experimental and off by default)

    Some errors could stopped disabling hw acceleration

    Or overriding chrome blacklist (if you have a quite recent gpu is not necessary to do that)

    If you post more info about your pc (cpu, gpu ram ecc ecc) - and a screen of the banner itself - would be easier to understand why (and what) is happening.
    And which vivaldi build are using (stable, snapshot and version)

  • Hi,
    Vivaldi build is 1.16.1170.3 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    0_1525360379878_webgl error.JPG

  • @robgr Seems that WebGL is not supported on your GPU.

    You should try to disable hardware acceleration that should fix the issue (disable WebGL too).

    Or you could try this [Untested as I don't face the issue, but probably working]


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