[1.15.1147.29] Sync crashing Vivaldi: a clue and a work around?

  • I've noticed that my Sync stopped working, probably hasn't for some time maybe because of the server change? Vivaldi Sync tab seemed to indicate that this was a first sync.

    Anyway, trying to restart my sync account led to app crashes with the following messages:

    [6758:6784:0423/131237.187007:ERROR:in_progress_cache_impl.cc(93)] Could not read download entries from file because there was a read failure.
    [6758:6758:0423/131355.022901:ERROR:bookmark_model_associator.cc(1005)] Bookmarks persistence error was encountered: Native version (400) does not match sync version (1)
    [6758:7316:0423/131355.461268:ERROR:get_updates_processor.cc(244)] PostClientToServerMessage() failed during GetUpdates

    I deleted my Sync folders in .config. Same behavior. Finally, I hit on trying to 'untick' all data types. That worked. Then, rather then select 'all', I started to add back the data types one by one. When I got to 'Autofill', the app crashed again. Did this again, with all types but 'Autofill' and it's working now.

    Any idea what's up? Is this a bug or am I missing something?

    P.S. I took me 45 minutes of tweaking this post to get through the spam filter. I was about to give up up.

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    I get similar crashes with current Snapshot when i use my old browser profile from 1.15.1111.3.
    I already reported the bug. Our Sync server developer investigates the issue.

  • Thanks. I'm using 1.15.1147.29. I did get it to work by removing 'Autofill' from the synchronization. Confirmed that on a second machine.


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