Can't connect to YouTube

  • Hello everyone. Today, while browsing the internet, I realised that I was not connected to YouTube with my account anymore. No biggie, I try to connect, and it won't let me. The thing is, that problem is only comming up on Vivaldi, since when I try to log in with Firefox and Chrome, I have no problem at all, can even disconnect and reconnect at will without any issue.

    So, to put it simply : I have access to YouTube with Vivaldi, I can research, I can watch videos, but it won't let my connect to my account anymore. Have anyone here gotten that problem, and if so, is there a solution beside using another browser ? Thank you for reading, and thank you in advance for your help.

  • Try clearing your cookies. A while back I had issues accessing one website. Deleting all my cookies took care of it.

    Settings>Privacy>Delete all Cookies

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    @para-noid Or just delete all of your YouTube cookies.

  • Well I'll be damned, that is the only thing I would never have checked. It actually solved the problem, thanks, both of you.

  • Glad we could help. FYI, I didn't think of it either until another user mentioned it to me.

  • Just wanted to add my thanks to all (and Jarmiel for asking) as well....had this problem suddenly today and was completely flummoxed till I implemented this.


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