Move bookmarks to bookmark bar

  • On one HD I imported bookmarks and ovd some to bookmarks bar. A recent HD will not move and bookmarks to bookmarks bar.

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    @funkyecat Open the Bookmarks Panel, right-click on a folder to set it as the Bookmarks Bar folder.

  • Settings>Bookmarks>tick "show bookmarks bar"
    Open bookmarks panel>click, drag, drop onto the bookmarks bar.
    To move bookmarks after they are on the bookmarks bar you will need to drag and drop from the bookmarks panel.
    You can't drag and drop from within the bookmarks bar...yet.

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    @funkyecat You are able to move bookmarks using drag and drop from wherever they are to wherever you want them, using the Bookmarks panel or the Bookmarks manager (vivaldi://bookmarks, or available using the navigation bar at the top of the Start Page). If you wish to select an entirely different folder to be your Bookmarks Bar, then simply go to the bookmarks panel or the bookmarks manager and right-click the folder that you want to appear on the bar, and select the "Set as Bookmarks Bar Folder" option.

    The trick here is to know that all bookmarks in Vivaldi are just bookmarks, all bookmark folders are just bookmark folders, and you have the option to display any one of them on Speed Dial or on the Bookmarks Bar. The Bookmarks Bar is just a location to view and access whatever folder you select for it. Unfortunately, you cant use the bar itself as your forum to move bookmarks to different locations. You have to use the Panel or the Manager for that.

  • With all due respect, you cannot move bookmarks within the bookmarks "bar".
    It has to be from within the bookmarks panel.
    The bookmarks bar is directly beneath the address bar and runs along the address bar.

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    @para-noid You can drag and drop bookmarks and folders on the Bookmarks Bar. However, you cannot drag them in Bookmark Bar Folders.


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