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    I created a community profile just to bring up this topic.
    One of the the things I liked most in Opera was the way it bookmarked things.

    1. I miss that feature to have my saved "to read/stash" bookmarks ready to read and then remove them form that list with ease.

    2. So i have to now save things into my own folder called "to read" but after i open It without a context menu in the bookmarks bar i can't remove it when i'm done reading it, i have to go all the way to the bookmarks editor to remove them which is a pain. This also doesn't allow me to drag/drop bookmarks into other folders or "send" them to other folders which makes the entire flow of managing bookmarks slow and cumbersome.

    3. Moreover it doesn't auto-switch between bookmarks bar folders when I move the cursor over to another folder, i need to click on another folder If i want to switch which feels odd.

    So in total 3 issues, all of which would improve browsing experience. especially some form of a Stash.

  • As I remember, stash appeared on the start page, didn't it. Could you instead create a bookmark folder, call it stash, and then set it as a speed dial.

    Doing that would give you a direct link to it on your start page as a separate section (next to your current speed dial and bookmarks tabs at the top of the start page). This would also let you use the context menu to remove stuff once you're finished with it.

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    @remi187 Please vote for the existing feature requests

    The third issue is a well-known bug. It may be some time before the Bookmarks Bar issues are fixed.

  • @Pesala Done
    What about some sort of stash feature? i found no feature requests for that in the search. shouldn't it stay up?

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    @remi187 Any folder will do for stashing temporary bookmarks. When the Bookmarks Bar code is improved, it will be easy to delete a folder from the Bookmarks Bar. Currently, you can do it, but only for folders directly on the Bookmarks Bar, not for subfolders, which can only be deleted from the Bookmarks Panel or Bookmarks Tab.

    0_1524151863176_Deelete Bookmarks Bar Folder.png


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