How to edit context in speed dial folders?

  • Hi!
    I have created some folders in Speed Dial, where I had sorted different bookmarks. But I've found that I'd like to rearrange the bookmarks, i.e. move some of the bookmarks from one folder to another. Somehow it seems they are stuck. I hoped that I could just grab a bookmark with my mouse pointer and move it to a different folder, but this doesn't work.

    So in short: How do I go about moving a bookmark from one folder to another?

  • @sheilaanderson You can't do this on the speeddial site directly - you need to open the sidepanel (press "F6") open the speeddial folder and there you have the drag and drop actions you want.

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    @sheilaanderson The solution mentioned by Zaibon is one, and the other is to look at the top bar of the Speed Dial page and click on the "Bookmarks" label, which will open a full-page bookmarks manager where drag and drop between folders is also available.

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