Need to revert back to 1.13 stable

  • After the most recent update. Everything has been laggy on Vivaldi youtube for instance while play will freeze for a few frames then continue to play. Me as I type right now freezes then catches up again. Also, Vivaldi now has a freezing problem it didn't have before. It sometimes randomly catches/freezes entirely almost crashing. I thought this was due to a bug I had with a program in my task manager that always took up 60 percent of my CPU. I eventually crushed that issue it helped with some things but Vivaldi is still laggy and freezing. I am not sure if reverting will help but I know the previous version was not like this. I need to at least eliminate this factor to maybe narrow it down if it does not help.

  • What version are you actually using? I am using 1.13.1008.36 and don't have any problem.

  • 1.14 and it just updated itself. I will see what this 1.14xxxx does be back in a bit.

  • That made no difference.

  • Installed Chrome seems it is not, in fact, the browser. I have no bloody clue what it is then. The best I can narrow it down to is maybe GPU considering the audio plays fine, but the video lags a tiny bit. However, if this was the case it should do it with any video I play not just the ones on a browser. I do not even know what to put into google to fix this issue. I have checked multiple sources, Hulu, Youtube, Crunchyroll, dodgy Kissanime etc all of it has a friggin annoying lag. As well as my typing here. It only pauses for a few frames but good grief is it noticeable. Does anyone have an idea where to start to find a solution for this issue?

  • Okay GPU should be fine considering the above. Not CPU, not GPU. Lag for a browser of what I am dealing with must be something else. If it is universal then the main component that is universal is my network. Which is odd for it to be so smooth except in this one way. Still, dunno why Vivaldi tries to freeze up completely from time to time. Been monitoring my GPU the max it gets watchings tuff is about 50 percent if that. Which is higher than I thought to be honest however nothing much comes of that if it peaked at 100 percent I could understand but 50 meh it was only once anyways the other thing that seems to coincide with it however is network mbs seems to stay at 0 but pops up from time to time. Which from what I can tell may be considered buffering of sorts. However, it makes no sense with typing. My head hurts from trying to figure this out. It makes sense for videos to do this if they are buffering for a split second which is still wrong but typing no. Sometimes with this buffering my windows loading ring thing shows up as well which would indicate something in the background which makes no sense. I have scanned my computer etc. Best I can think is my networking as stated but it makes no sense not at while typing here. I mean anyone and their nan knows how typing here should not be affected. You can type a youtube comment without the internet connection all day. Does anyone have a guess lol.

  • I dunno what it was. I rebooted my computer and it currently works. I just went with the only option I had. For some reason half the time it works be it cleaning a laptops circuit board since I cannot do surface mount repairs or this. I still wish to know what the issue was just in case it sprouts up again but I guess I will never know. Thanks for the help though.

  • @malus said in Need to revert back to 1.13 stable:

    1.14 and it just updated itself.

    At least this isn't possible - Vivaldi only offers a notification about updates but you still have to agree to the installation or don't - vivaldi won't update itself.

    Regarding your original problem - next time this comes up you could press "Shift+Esc" to open the vivaldi taskmanager. It shows you what task or extension is taking up what amount of cpu and ram.


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