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  • on the vivaldi://experiments tab there is a checkmark for "Allow for docking devtools" what is that? do I need it just for browsing? then, a checkmark "Philips Hue Integration" what does that do? also "Sync" and "Windows Panel", how do any of these help or are needed?

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    @stpvid1 Sync turns on your ability to synchronize your bookmarks, passwords, etc. between multiple installations of Vivaldi. The Windows Panel is a panel you can add to the side panel bar that lets you show all of your tabs (in that panel) in tree style, move them around by dragging them, etc. Some people even like it better than a tab bar. Philips Hue Integration lets you hook up Philips Hue lights to your computer, and they will change color the same way the browser changes color when you go to different sites (if you have that turned on in your themes). Allow for docking devtools lets you, if you even use devtools (which is a way to inspect the code of a page you are on, and even change it) - which most people don't as it's not a part of ordinary browsing - attach the devtools window to one edge of the browser or another so that it's not floating while you are working with it.

  • thanks for the info


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