ARChon in vivaldi

  • ARChon - - is a runtime that is designed to let you run android apps from the browser. It was designed to work in chrome, but I figured I could try it in vivaldi, seeing as vivaldi is based on chrome and can correctly run chrome extensions and appears to have basic support for apps [Installing an app gives you the app launcher, and you can launch some apps]. But ARChon doesn't work. Does anyone have any tips as to what would be needed to get it to work, or is it just a lost cause trying to get it to run outside of chrome? I can get to this stage, before the android app fails to load:

  • I'm also interested in Archon for the big V I'm patiently waiting for Vivaldi on android and for all the new opera features to get rid of opera but if Vivaldi could also support Archon i would have no reason to keep chrome two birds with one stone it would be perfect

    Hope to see this working in future release


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