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    I run my own computer service business in Poland. In my practice most people come to me and ask to reinstall their OS's, and after I do it, I offer them free "all-in-one" package of free useful applications. Most of the time so far I've used Chrome as in package browser. Now I am installing Vivaldi to people teaching them why they should love the "V".

    I was curious then, can I use a Vivaldi logo on my website, or other promotional materials? In my understanding as far as it about "best works with Vivaldi" in website description it's nothing wrong. But I'd like to have some official document, giving me permission to do it. I would then print it and it would make nice addition to my office "Vivaldi partner" or something.

    Is it possible at all?

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    @deimospl Please ask at for legal issues for use of Vivaldi logo and company name etc.

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