Chromecast black screen when cast a tab (apps cast OK)

  • Ever since about 3 updates ago, I believe the first fix release after 14.0 stable, Vivaldi no longer works for Chromecast properly. If attempting to Chromecast a tab, or the full desktop, the TV shows only a black screen with a green rectangle in the top-middle. Not the image of the tab (or desktop) at all.

    This worked perfectly until these recent updates. I have been using Vivaldi as my "daily driver" on 2 or three Windows machines, all with Win10, 2 32-bit and 1 64-bit, for about 5 months now. Chromecast has always worked fine, except for the known limitations where something needed Google's NaCl direct native client access, that isn't in Vivaldi.

    Oddly, "apps" websites that have a native app in Chromecast, can still be cast fine from Vivaldi. Facebook Live videos, CBSN from CBS News, Netflix, YouTube, etc. all can cast fine from Vivaldi - those are cases where the browser is being the controller but the Chromecast itself is being the web client and renderer for the app.

    Likewise, the Videostream local-streaming app, which now uses a background native Windows program as its server rather than using the browser to access the files, also still works fine. (It can't find new files from in the browser because of still having an NaCl dependency for in-browser filesystem access, but it streams ok what it has already found in its "new downloads" feature its own server posts to the internal UI.)

    It's just plain old regular "cast your browser" that no longer works. It connects to the Chromecast, but just throws that black screen with rectangular green bar.

    Anybody else seeing this? Any fix? Because I do like to use Vivaldi as my primary browser, I don't really want to switch to snapshots.

    System info:
    Vivaldi stable, kept updated. Win10 1703, 32-bit (same failure mode on 64bit on different PC).

    Vivaldi 1.14.1077.55 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    Revision 46ff8f974f033190bbae67a70c7809ee15bc2353-
    OS Windows
    JavaScript V8 6.4.388.46

    My Chromecast is a V1, the original dongle-type Chromecast. US version, but currently being used in Uruguay. Not a rights or geoblocking issue. Chromecast works fine, including for all app, tab, and desktop casting, from actual Google Chrome.

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