Vivaldi makes Plasma 5 freeze?

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  • @masterzelex Not here. My Manjaro KDE is magnificently solid. My V-SS is magnificently solid. The two together make my daily pc use delightful. Mind you, i still use Xorg not Wayland, so that might be a factor.

  • @masterzelex said in Vivaldi makes Plasma 5 freeze?:

    g-report because I'm looking for other people that have experienced the same or have some kind of knownledge about this kind of issue. I use Kubuntu, and I should

    I have a similar setup, no issues. Honestly sounds like an OS problem. Check the output from following tools


  • Have Vivaldi snapshot on latest KDE Neon without issues.

  • Vivaldi snapshot on Mageia, not certain which version of Plasma they have, but no issues seen. Mind you, I'm not really watching videos or stuff like that. Oh, slightly older Toshiba laptop with AMD CPU/GPU.

  • No problem of that kind here with a stable (and an unstable) debian using Xorg, with Intel and AMD graphics. But I get invalid opcode crashes including core dump during close of V since the second to last stable version on AMD.
    Perhaps you can try using magic sysreqest next time it is happening to atleast sync log files to disk showing a reason for the freeze: [Alt]+[Druck]+REISUB. And if you can start V from a konsole.


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