Turbo / Data Saver / Data Compressor

  • [Slow internet speed user] To make browsing faster and saving your internet data more.

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    Someone also suggested a Lightspeed Navigation Mode, which basically only loads essential content.

    Turbo requires a server somewhere to store the compressed web pages, so it might be some time before Vivaldi can afford to do this.

  • @pesala that's also a great idea.

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    @pesala said in Turbo / Data Saver / Data Compressor:

    ...a server somewhere to store the compressed web pages,...

    Well, yes - but as Jon described in the recent question and answer session, really a globally-distributed network of server farms to compress, store, and serve billions of compressed pages. It's a shame people who offer a turbo "mode" don't make it clear that this "mode" is merely a connection to a kind of huge and expensive infrastructure. Want your car to travel from Los Angeles to New York in "speed mode?" OK, then you will need to travel on the interstate highway system, which has been under construction of the last 50+ years...

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