Vivaldi always acting as an Inactive Window

  • I don't know when this started as it has not always been this way. I am on Windows 10 and since they screwed it up by removing things like borders to windows, I installed an application called ShadowFX that adds a border to windows. I have it set to show one color for the Active Window and another color for the Inactive Window.

    For some reason Vivaldi always thinks it's an Inactive Window so it gets that color. All other applications work correctly so I know Windows is doing it's thing but Vivaldi seems to be reporting that it's not the Active window.

    I installed Chrome to see if it did that since it's based off the same Chromium stuff and it works correctly.

    Any ideas why Vivaldi has stopped working correctly? I don't know which version it started doing it on. I just happened to notice it today with whatever version I had so I ran an update and it's still doing it on the current version. At some point in time it did understand when it was Active though.

  • This post is deleted!

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    This post is deleted!

  • dang.. I was hoping someone knew.

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    For all I know, it might always do this if you don't turn on native window in settings.

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