How? Import BrowserHistory.json from Chrome Google Download

  • How do I import the BrowserHistory.json file and merge it with Vivaldi History?

    alt text

    I visited the Google Download Dashboard area and just unzipped everything. alt text

    I'm not having much luck with the History file in folder C:\Users\1111\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\History Any ideas? I don't want to install Chrome, login and sync, and run the import. There must be a better way?!

    alt text

  • Moderator

    @maggew-com I imagine that the chrome dashboard probably processes the history file in a different way.

    I would think copying the History file directly from the chrome user data directory rather than the online dashboard is the only way.

    Not having used the web dashboard, I am unsure how to guide you further to process it.


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