Cycle tabs in tab order still broken (with pinned tabs and tab stack)

  • Tab bar layout (Normal, Pinned, Stacked tabs):

    P P SSS N SSS N N N when cycled in tab order leads to following order:
    1 2 346 5 78 10 9 11 12 instead of
    1 2 345 6 78 9 10 11 12

    in other words: before the last (third) tab in a stack is selected, the next tab outside the stack (left from it) is selected and only if cycling one more time, the last tab in a stack is selected.

    All other (normal) tabs work properly.

    It is 100% reproducible here in Win7 with latest stable version (1.14), tested with RMB+scroll wheel.

    Can anybody confirm?

  • This has been bugging me lately too, so I tried your tab layout. Using RMB+wheel as well. Win10. "Cycle in tab order" selected. Result:
    12 347 5 689 10 11 12

    So confirmed buggy, but a slightly different order than your result. Still in the wrong order though. Perhaps the order has something to do with the initial position of the tab when you stack it or something. It's definitely confusing.

  • Thank you for confirming!

    Reported as VB-37188


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