Highlight duplicate tabs with blinking

  • Sometimes when I have opened 50-100 tabs I wonder if there are any doubles.
    If I only have a command to visually mark which tabs has the same URL... (for a while...)

  • A workaround to find duplicates of the current tab is to open Quick Commands and start typing the title.

    0_1518208193470_Find Duplicates.png

  • @pesala This is far more less efficient / slower solution.

  • @rotfl That's why it's called a workaround.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @rotfl I think I have an extension to your request.
    Optional setting to block opening a duplicate tab.
    With you request, it will be blinking, fine, but still I need to manually close it again and sometimes could be useful to not even allow it to me. 🙂

  • @pesala And? Tried that, nothing happened.

  • @lordylordy As in my previous screenshot it displays the duplicate tabs together under Tabs when you filter the list by typing the title.

    Select the duplicate tab and close it with Ctrl+W or whatever.

    0_1539626318682_Duplicate Closed.png

  • I think it would be better to implant this function into windows panel, as on-demand command like: List all duplicate open tab with same URL/Titles.

    My reason is this feature could be very resources taxing, thus constantly checking all tabs or doing it while opening many tab could cause browser to freeze/hang - especially for those on low spec device.

  • @dude99 I think users who are concerned about resources should not be opening 50-100 tabs in the first place.

  • @pesala Actually it doesn't really matter how many tab are open.

    If this function is automatic, then it will constantly cause unnecessary bottleneck even with just a few tab open. Imagine if this function is triggered each time user open a new tab, Vivaldi will have to struggle rendering the new tab content while making comparison between all tabs, then update the tabbar & playing flashing animation on each duplicate tab. That's a very expensive process.

    As of now, Vivaldi will consume a lot of resources when opening just one new tab, I can't imagine how much worst it would be if we made it doing all those stuff when opening new tab.

  • Moderator

    @dude99 Compared to rendering a tab, checking if the URLs of N open tabs is a pretty simple task to do.

    Granted as the number of tabs N grows, so will the complexity of the comparison, but you'd have to be in the area of thousand tabs before you even noticed.

    Unless you're running vivaldi off a potato battery... in which case you have bigger problems than duplicate tabs.

    Flashing a tab might have some impact, but that could be toggled depending on if the user has animations enabled or not.

  • @lonm I use Vivaldi on 4 years old laptop with 8GB ram, it run firefox just fine. But I can't say the same with Vivaldi, even after I disabled all animation, V still feel kinda laggy when opening tab.

    Maybe I should upgrade my device annually just to use Vivaldi, will you sponsor me? 😛

  • Moderator

    @dude99 I was just basing this off my (albeit non-expert) knowledge of how Vivaldi is built. I felt that compared to everything else the browser does, it wouldn't be the closest bottleneck, assuming you had animations disabled already if that was a major concern.

  • I m ok with this proposition but not with blinking, the blinking can be annoying, sometimes you really need duplicates.

    Just marking it with a symbol or changeing the color would be good.

  • we can also add to the context menu two lines, one to close other duplicates of the current tab, and the other to close all duplicates of any tab.

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