Duplicate Bookmark Detection / Cleanup

  • I'd like to have some embedded wizard to help me finding all of the doubled bookmarks.

    PS. Maybe even the same feature for Notes?... :P

  • It may be sufficient to add a flat view option that does not show folder association on the internal vivaldi://bookmarks site. When sorted by address duplicate/similar urls are then located next to each other and can be easily identified.

    This approach involves presumably least amount of (additional) code and may have other practical use cases.

  • @becm Manual searching every item is too slow for me when having ~5000 bookmarks.

    After merging bookmarks from 6 machines I got a little mess...

  • I'm in the same boat.
    After a few upgrades / moves, across half a dozen different browsers, I have a lot of duplicate bookmarks and bookmark folders that are mostly impossible to clean up manually.

    I tried an extension for Chrome, but it didn't work (I'm guessing Vivaldi uses its own bookmark store).

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    @81ninja One trick that you can try is:

    • Export your bookmarks as an HTML file
    • Open that in Vivaldi
    • Copy / paste the text to a good text editor like Notepad2
    • Sort the lines alphabetically and remove unique lines (i.e. leave only duplicates)

    0_1534660251607_Notepad2 Sort.png

    I found about 60 duplicate lines, and removed half a dozen or so duplicate bookmarks.

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