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    Do you mean portable as "Vivaldi for smartphone", or as "Vivaldi standalone" ? Vivaldi standalone already exists. I think that Vivaldi for smartphone was planned, but it's true that a mobile Vivaldi browser would be awesome !

    (And I think I'll have one request or two when this will be done)

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    @goldnoway A portable version would be able to run on a thumb drive, and keep all of its settings and secure files (like extensions and passwords) when moved from one machine to another. Vivaldi has standalone, but not portable.

  • @ayespy, we all are waiting for true-portable version for a long time. True portable with autoupdates

  • why is this so complicated??
    even if i run the same vivaldi standalone on two different windows on my notebook,
    everything is messed up/lost..

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    @schreck Two different windows? You mean two different versions of Windows, or just two different windows in the same profile? I don't have any such problems here. Nothing is messed up/lost. You aren't by chance running two different versions of Vivaldi but using the same profile folder on the disc to do it?

    I can run ten or twelve different versions of Vivaldi side-by-side (so long as they each have their own standalone install directory) with no problems whatever.

    Why is it so complicated to make a true portable version of Vivaldi? Because the entire data structure has to be changed, secure files and folders that can move from system to system have to be developed, and the data structure of the underlying Chromium engine has to be changed, and then re-patched with the changes for every update.

  • @ayespy
    i have win7 and 10 on my notebook.
    after starting vivaldi in another windows and then going back, eg all extensions and passes are lost

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    @schreck Do Win 7 and Win10 somehow share the same user profile directory?

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