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  • Built-in Proxy settings

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    There is a duplicate of this request that contains a workaround using an extenstion for the meantime: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/16142/proxy-settings

  • I hope it's not against the rules to bump this topic - the reason this feature is crucial that some companies block changing the system proxy settings, essentially making connection to Internet outside of company premises impossible. The only current workaround for this is using Firefox at the moment, so this feature really should have its place in Vivaldi.

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    @molnart Although there is no rule against bumping threads, especially if you have something new to add, it won't achieve much. Priorities are decided by the Vivaldi Team. Voting for a feature might make it a higher priority, but some features with a lot more votes are not implemented yet.

  • Is this really the last state of proxying uner Linux?
    I am in the process evaluating alternatives to Firefox for a company network. My needs are:

    • Using Socks 5 Proxy by default
    • configuring a wildcard list of servers/domains, which needs to bypass the proxy

    It seems there is no solution at all for this, as the global proxy-variable does not help here.
    Background: There are several internal domains only reachable via company network, while the Internet itself is blocked and only reachable via the proxy.

    Is there a way, to achieve this?

    Thanks for useful hints!

  • It's sad that one has to rely on 3rd party software for such essential settings, but at least it seems that Proxy Helper is working quite nicely and supports SOCKS5 and PAC files. I guess I'll use that for the time being.

  • Would be definitely just great if Vivaldi had own browser-wide proxy settings like Firefox.

    Extensions leak some stuff through the original IP which is definitely not good at all.
    It must be not an extension that has a limited control over browser and its traffic, but a browser component that forces ALL browser traffic through the configured proxy.

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