Strange CPU Usage on Opening Vivaldi

  • I have searched but I couldn't find any other posts on this subject. I have a CPU, Memory, Disk & Network gadget on my desktop next to my working windows. When I open Vivaldi - going back to my first use in January - my CPU usage spikes to 100% for several seconds, then drops down to 0% to maybe 3%, and then stays there for quire a while. Sometimes if I have Vivaldi, Opera 12, Outlook 2010, WordPerfect, xplorer2 and Quicken or something else open, the usage stay around 10% or lower. Then Vivaldi will start requiring more CPU time and the usage will get to 35% to 50% or higher and stay there or continue to build. If I exit Vivaldi then the usage drops to below 10%. I can restart Vivaldi and the usage stays at 10% for a while, then eventually starts to build up again. I have never seen that behavior before. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts?

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    Ever run Chrome? Multi-process browsers tend to do this - some worse than others.

  • Yep! You are right. I have used Chrome so seldom, I never paid attention to the usage when it loads. Thanks!

  • For me Chrome (or any other browser) doesn't come even close to CPU usage on start up. When I click the Vivaldi icon, CPU jumps to 4x100% (I have a quad-core) and stays like that for 10-15 seconds. Pretty weird IMO…

    I use Vivaldi latest snapshot on Elementary OS Luna.

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    My CPU spikes to 100% for four or five seconds opening Vivaldi, and also spikes to 100% (six cores) for two seconds opening Opera or Chrome. Vivaldi will be optimizing their resource usage as time goes on.

  • I sure hope so. Just for the record, I use Opera, Opera Dev,Chromium, Firefox, Midori and none of them have CPU usage even close to Vivaldi's on startup…


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