Let me move the tabs below the address bar, please.

  • Good grief. I've been asking for this for YEARS and you still keep making excuses for this not being implemented.

    I HATE tabs being above the address bar or bookmarks. I like them right above the pages I'm viewing. I get it that you may think this is so much less important than, well, ANYTHING ELSE. But this capability is the ONLY reason I'm still using Firefox and refuse to use any other browser.

    Would you mind, please FIXING THIS!!!! If you can let me move other things around on the screen and if Firefox can let me do this, you certainly can. Frankly, I'm really angry about asking for this for so very long and having my request - and the request of many others - ignored. It would be nice if you actually listened this time.

  • Moderator

    @klgrube We listen to everyone. Unfortunately , several thousand people are talking at once.

    If you've been asking for years, then you already know that there is a custom CSS for this in the modifications forum. As more supported modifications come out, this will become possible without specialized user modifications.

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    @klgrube Create a new thread in the Feature Requests Forum or vote for t if it already exist.


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