Can't open OneDrive in desktop apps using Vivaldi

  • I just updated Vivaldi per the notification. Now, OneDrive files open in the browser, but do not open in the desktop clients. I get this error message:

    This site can’t be reached
    The webpage at ms-excel:ofe|u| might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

    The file opened fine before the update. It still opens if I use another browser, like Chrome.

    I've looked through the settings and don't see one that could be responsible for this new behavior.

    Any assist would be appreciated.

    Thanks much.

    • Bal

  • It's a bug in current Vivaldi versions, you have either to revert to stable 1.13, snapshot 1.14.1064.3, or wait until it gets fixed. It's affecting all kind of URI:

  • @ian-coog That did the trick. Thanks a lot.

    • Bal

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