FYI: About memory ( vivaldi://memory-redirect )

  • I was delighted to discover that [i][b]vivaldi://memory-redirect[/b][/i] provides memory info and process ID (PID) for each Vivaldi process, [u]including the web page title for each process that is a tab[/u]. This (combined with CPU usage info from Task Manager or Process Explorer) [u]makes it easy to identify and close the correct tab[/u] if one of them is misbehaving. With Chropera 15+ it's easy (in Task Manager or Process Explorer) to identify and kill a Chropera process that is hogging CPU or memory resources; but AFAIK, there is no built-in way to know exactly which tab you will be killing. (I haven't been closely following Chropera development, so please correct me if I'm mistaken.) Also of interest on the [i][b]vivaldi://memory-redirect[/b][/i] page: [quote]"Note: This page will show memory use for all running browsers, not just Chrome."[/quote] I haven't explored that very much yet, but as far as I can tell, it refers only to the summary memory totals at the top of the page and other browsers or their processes are not identified. (I've posted this in Vivaldi for Windows since I don't know how it works on Linux or Mac. If any mod knows for sure it is also applicable to Linux and Mac, please feel free to move it to All platforms.)

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