[Resolved] Lazy Load?

  • When I start V (1.13.1008.32) with multiple tabs open it takes a long time for the "foreground" tab to load and I can see that all the tabs are loading. I have "lazy loading" enabled - is there anything else I need to enable / disable to get just the "foreground" tab to load?

  • No one has a clue?

    Am I misunderstanding "lazy load" ?


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    @laffin_boy "Lazy load" generally is that only the focused tab opens or reloads, and that background tabs do not. That's how Vivaldi is designed ATM

    The exception is that you can set it, in settings, to always load pinned tabs on open (as I do.) If you have "Lazy Load restored tabs" checked in your startup settings, the focused tab (and pins) are the only thing that should be loading at startup.

  • Thanks Ayespy.

    I'm now using 1.14.1077 (32 bit on a reasonably fast Win7-64 desktop machine) and it does the same thing.

    When I start up V (currently w/ 32 tabs open) it takes about 45 sec before the focused tab is fully loaded and I can see the little gray stripes at the bottom of each tab loading. If I try any of the other tabs right now it's already loaded. I have no pinned tabs and haven't checked "always load pinned tabs".

    Am I the only one with this problem?

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    @laffin_boy I don't see it here on any of my many installs on many machines. I can't speak for everyone.

  • OK, I found the culprit. In case anyone else runs into this problem it was the was Vanillia Cookie Manager extension (v 1.4.0) When I disable that V loads 25 tabs in about 4 seconds flat.

    Now to find a replacement...

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    @laffin_boy Good to see that the mystery is solved.


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