Auto reloading website causes cpu usage spikes

  • hey,

    so I was comparing the cpu and memory usage of vivalid and opera when I noticed that "Background Page: Vivaldi" does frequently jump to 15+ in the task manager.
    alt text
    Then I unloaded the website which reloads itself and the process did no longer jump that high. About 1.6 with the page unloaded.

    What could cause this issue? I did read in a different thread that this process is for the vivaldi UI.

    Also is there a way to reduce the cpu usage from vivaldi? I compared Opera and Vivaldi with same extensions and same website open and Opera stays below 10%, sometimes jumps above (max 13%) while Vivaldi is above 10% all the time and jumps to 15%-18% frequently (opera had even more tabs open).


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