Vivaldi and the Chrome rendering engine?

  • Am I correct in saying that the Vivaldi developers created (or where part of) the original Presto rendering engine for Opera. If that is correct then why why not update and continue to use the Presto rendering engine and stay true to the Opera roots. These days is too easy for 'wannabe' browser developers to ride at the back of one of the main 3 engines ( WebKit fork Blink, Trident and Geko). Seems there is no sense of uniqueness any more. The only Opera browser I'd use would be v12.17 simply because up until then it stayed true to its roots.

  • You are right.

    Vivaldio uses Chromium. It probably is not worth creating a new presto engine as it is lots of work and website are not (always) standard compliant, hence you need workarounds to have it rendered correctly in presto.
    The rights for presto are still with Opera and afaik it is way to much work to work on a engine that has been out undevelopted for some time now. Additional you will have the "we optimize for Chrome, FF and IE, the rest is not importan" sites.. so you get lot's of quirks to get sites working.

    I do not care whether it is chromium, webkit, whatever, as long as the Opera feeling comes back as intergration of rss/mail, customization, gestures, per site settings aso..

  • Thank you JanS and Ahoj1234 for your input. I understand it would be impractical to go back to Presto with all the difficulties JanS mentioned. Oh well, Google rules the roost I suppose.

  • Well, I'm not kinda sure that you understood since you again mentioned going back to presto. So: one of the biggest reasons is that they just can't use presto no matter if they want or don't. It's Opera Software ASA property. It's not open sourced. It's just you can't use any car you just found on the street unless it's yours or "free to ride". (I'm not sure if any car is "free to ride" but whatever 😃 ).

    Chromium (not Chrome nor Google) and Blink are both open source projects that are used by a lot of browsers. It's more or less an engine with a basic UI. The true is that Google is one of the biggest companies and when contributing it's a huge difference but it's not owned by them.


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