Thoughts of an Ex-Opera User.

  • As an avid user and proponent that Opera 12.x is the most functional browser ever, I'd thought share a few of my thoughts after using Vivaldi for a few weeks. [b]Tabs[/b] One of the best features of Opera IMO was the option to put the tab bar on the side of the browser. This allows you to have 30+ tabs open without obscuring the tab names and deceasing the screen real estate of each tab. Major +1 for Vivaldi here. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of having an image of the webpage beneath the tab for a few reasons. One, it changes the location of the tabs depending on how many tabs you have open. Two, if you try to close a whole bunch of tabs, the 'x' button will eventually move off your cursor. Plus, once you have 15+ tabs open, it's not really useful anyways. I imagine some people like it though. Maybe have an option to disable it? Another thing that goes really well with side tabs it tree-tab styling. This is a really nice feature as it allows for intuitive grouping of like tabs under a 'root' tab. The Firefox add-on for this is pretty much the only reason I use Firefox. Vivaldi has a form of tab stacking, where you can put two tabs together. I wasn't too much impressed by this. You can't see which tabs are stacked and it by the time you've stacked 3+ tabs the buttons become very small. That said, I can see of a few instance where it would come in handy. [img size=400][/img] Tree Style Tabs. Please Vivaldi. You would earn my undying gratitude. And my money. [b]UI[/b] Not much to say here other than I like it. Interface is very clean, very sleek. Of course, by now I'm used to using a all-in-one address and search bar. Still, it's nice to see a dedicated search bar. One thing that would be [i]really[/i] nice would be if the Home button was (or could be turned into) a button that takes me to speed dial. Closing the tab and then opening a new tab to get to speed dial is just too darn inefficient 🙂 . [b]Speed Dial[/b] I like it. A lot. I can't remember the last time I actually used the address bar to type in a address. The ability to have folders inside the speed dial is just great. Being able to have multiple speed dials??? I do believe you have surpassed the organisational capabilities that I could ever want. One pedantic thing I will add is that there's a slight delay when opening folders. I feel like for folders to be more efficient than just typing the first letter of the address into the address bar and hitting autocomplete, that slight delay should be less. [b]Mouse Gestures[/b] Another great feature from the days of Opera. It exists in Vivaldi too, with the noted lack of new tab gesture, or really the ability to customize gestures in general. As it is, it's better than every other browser that doesn't have it :). [b]Session Manager[/b] If Vivaldi had this, I would completely forsake all other browsers. Currently, I use Firefox for school/ work related things and Vivaldi for general browsing. If I could have a work session and I play session, I wouldn't need Firefox anymore. Plus, session managers are nice if you have multiple projects/research going on simultaneously. And, it prevents crashes and power outages from deleting all your tabs. [b]Concluding Thoughts[/b] All together, I like it very much. I might sound a bit pedantic at times, but, really, Vivaldi is already more usable than Opera 28 or Chrome IMO. I am extremely excited for the future of this browser. Opera left quite a hole when it decided to not support features. A hole I think this browser could fill. I mean, I'm willing to forsake browsing a add-free web coughaddblocksupportcough to use Vivaldi. If this browser lives up to its potential, I would definitely not mind paying ~30-50$ for otherwise free software. What do you guys think?

  • +1 for the tabs issue. I'll switch from Opera 12.17 to Vivaldi in the very moment when tab preview is becoming an option that can be disabled. For me, nothing is better than a stack of text-only-tabs which reside on the side of my screen…

  • For me i really like the pictures in the tabs.

    I am waiting for the RSS/Email integration.

    Still use 12.16, as the "new" Opera did not convince me.


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