Installing FB Purity

  • The folks at FB Purity say that many have installed the extension to Vivaldi even though they don't have a specific download for it. Of course they can't simply tell me how to do it. They advise me to visit forums like this one to see what others have done.
    Others have claimed that Vivaldi and Opera are similar enough that FB Purity will work on Vivaldi. I'm not finding an easy way yet.
    To use it on other available browsers you simply click their download button while using that particular browser. If I attempt this with Vivaldi, a file is downloaded to the desktop. Opening this file simply opens Opera. And that's where it ends for me.

  • Not sure, but I guess I just clicked on Chrome for installing (as Vivaldi is Chrom(e)ium-based).

    If you get a crx-file, rename it to .zip, unpack it and open it from extension manager in developer mode...

  • there's no need to unpack crx files, just drag them in the extension window to install them.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. Today I downloaded the Chrome version and it loaded itself into Vivaldi.
    Thanks for the suggestions, I don't know where I read that it was more of an Opera based browser. 😯

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    @poncho1962 Well, the founder of Opera (when it was Presto-based) founded Vivaldi some three years after leaving Opera. But the architecture of the two browsers is very, very different. Both are Chromium-based now, but Vivaldi has taken a totally separate path with regard to how its UI is built.


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